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Department of Engineering Chemistry
History of Department
The Department of Engineering Chemistry is started in 2016 along with the establishment of the Yamethin Technological University.

Name Post Qualification Email Address
Daw San San Lwin Lecturer M.Sc(Chem) —————
Daw Thwe Thwe Oo Assistant Lecturer M.Sc, MRes(Chem) —————
Daw Khin Wine Tutor B.Sc, (Chem;) —————–
Daw Po Po San Demostrator M.Sc, MRes(Chem;) —————–

The science of “Chemistry” is an extremely broad subject with implication from applications in the laboratory, industry, medicine, and agriculture, through innumerable uses in our daily lives, to the challenging intellectual exercise of making sense of such a wide subject. After through studying some ideas and ways in which “Chemistry” views the material world; apply these concepts to form a prosperous environment for every mankind.
Mission and Vision
The Department of Engineering Chemistry provide, through well designed studies of experimental and practical science and through an emphasis on the understanding and application of scientific concepts and principles, a worthwhile educational experience for all students (engineers) to enable them to acquire sufficient understanding and knowledge to
(i) Become confident citizens in a technological world, and
(ii) Recognize the usefulness of “Chemistry” and to appreciate its applicability in other disciplines and in everyday life.
Department of Engineering Chemistry Program
For engineering students, the subject “Engineering Chemistry” is the compulsory subject for every first year students.
Teaching and Practical Facilities
Teaching Scheme
Semester I
Engineering Chemistry (E-Ch-11011)
Chapter 1 -Atomic and Molecular Structure
Chapter 2 – Principle of Chemical Equilibrium
Chapter 3 – Chemistry of Engineering Materials
Chapter 4 – Metals and their Applications
Semester II
Chapter 5 – Corrosion and its Preventions
Chapter 6 – Electrochemistry
Chapter 7 – Solution, Technology of Water and Solid State
Chapter 8 – Polymer and Polymerization
Semester I – Volumetric Analysis
Semester II – Identification of Basic Radicals

Daw San San Lwin
M.Sc (Chemistry)
Yangon University

Daw Thwe Thwe Oo
B.Sc (Hons :), M.Sc, M.Res (Chemistry)
Meikhtila University
M.Sc (Term paper)
Functions of Enzyme (Bio-Chemistry)
M.Res (Thesis)
Isolation and Structural Identification of HARDWICKIIC ACID (Diterperoid) and Related Compounds from Stem-bark of CROTON OBLONGIFOLIUS ROXB. (THETYSN-GYI)

Daw Khin Wine
B.Sc (Chemistry)
Mandalay University

Daw Po Po San
B.Sc (Hons:), M.Sc, M.Res (Chemistry)
Magwe University
M.Sc (Thesis)
Study on the Chemistry of Organic Dyes
M.Res (Thesis)
Chemical Investigation of Nutrients in AORICHTHYS AOR (Nga-gyaung) From Ayeyarwaddy River