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TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY ( YAMETHIN) (TUYMT) Department of Engineering Physics
Engineering physics subject plays a role of supporting subject for engineering students. Department of engineering physics is  to support the learning and teaching processes of practical task with respect to theory for generating of qualified engineers in all major field. Objective • To satisfy at least 90% of students on teaching process.  • Not to be  more than 5%  custom’s complaint

Vision • To become the highly qualified engineers with a clear and logical presentation of the basic concepts and principle of physics and researchers who can innovate good creation and enviroment .  • To educate and train students of high caliber and quantity that can emerge excellent engineers systematically.
Mission • To teach engineering students in each section of theory and experiment of engineering physics subject with high standard of education and training in supporting to become the essential technological experts for socio-economic development. • To play as a role in building modern developed nation. • To stand as a accredited university in the world.
Engineering physics department motto:  Only when there is discipline, will there be progress.
Laboratories and other facilities                        Physics experiments are the base of the building for engineering subjects. There is only a engineering physics laboratory now although we intend to build electricity lab and mechanics lab.



NAME                              – Daw Myint Myint Aye FATHER’S NAME          – U Taw    N.R.C. (NO)                     – 9/Ya Ma Tha (Naing)  008500     DATE OF BIRTH            – 14.1.1971 SEX                                  – Female NATIONALITY              – Myanmar RELIGION                      – Buddhism MARITALSTATUS        – Assistant Lecturer EDUCATION                  – M.S (Engg; Physics) WORK EXPERIENCE   – 17 years ADDRESS


NAME                           –  Daw Moe Thida Aye FATHER’S NAME       – U Maung Maung N.R.C. (NO)                  – 9/ MA HTA LA (NAING) 245469 SEX                               – Female
NATIONALITY           – Bamar RELIGION                   – Buddhism MARITALSTATUS      – Demonstrator EDUCATION               – M.Sc ( Physics) WORK EXPERIENCE – 1 Years & 7 Months ADDRESS