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Mathematics Department

Department of Engineering Mathematics
The Department of Engineerning Mathematics is one of the academic departments in Yamethin Technological University. Mathematics plays in a vital role in Engineering and Applied Science. The department provides the Mathematics classes for the undergraduate courses for Bachelor of Engineering programs.
Mission and Vision
• To develop and apply advanced Mathematical methods and ideas to problems arising in engineering methods, engineering science and technology.
• To enable the engineers to participate in certain way in developing the country with the knowledge of engineering.
2015-2016 Academic Year in TU(Yamethin):
Teaching Staffs of Engineering Mathematics Department:

Name Post Qualification Email Address
Dr Mu Mu Kyaw Professor Ph.D (Engineering Mathematics)
Dr Soe Soe Kyaw Lecturer Ph.D (Mathematics)
Dr May Thida Kyaw Assistant Lecturer Ph.D (Engineering Mathematics) maythidakyaw@gmail.com
Daw Thin Thin Khaing Assistant Lecturer M.Sc, (Maths;) —————–
Daw That That Khaing Assistant Lecturer M.Sc, (Maths;) —————–
Daw Khin Thiha Oo Tutor B.Sc, (Maths;)
Daw Thida Aung Tutor B.Sc, (Maths;) thida950@gmail.com
Daw Moe Thu Aung Demostrator M.Sc, (Maths;) —————-
Daw Khin KhinWin Demostrator M.Sc, (Maths;) khinkhinwin9652@gmail.com
Daw Khin Moh Moh Thin Demostrator M.Sc; (Maths;) ————–

2015-2016 Academic Year

Curriculum and Syllabus for All Courses (B.E and B.Tech):