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Department of Engineering English
History of Department
English Department was founded in—- . It was one of the departments in Government Technical Institute, Yamethin. Since —-, GTI was upgraded to Technological University. In this university, all the students have to learn English Language as a compulsory subject from first year to B.E. English Department is always supporting all the students for their English Language proficiency. The responsibility of English Department is to produce highly qualified student with the best command of English for its university.
To be acknowledged widely as the best department providing the effective English Language teaching and English Language proficiency to all the students from TU, Yamethin.
-To search and create the interesting teaching methods to attract the students’ interest and attention
-To make the students’ four skills of language developed effectively
-To train the students to use English Language confidently not only in their studies but also in their daily lives
Teaching and Research Facilities
The department has language lab for the engineering students. The students can use it to develop their English Language proficiency. They can do listening with the time limitation and then they have to write down the answers on the papers for the questions. By doing so, listening skill and writing skill of the students can be enhanced. Before answering the questions, they need to read and comprehend the questions given for them. Therefore, the students’ reading skill can be developed at the same time. Thus, our language lab helps the students to be proficient in learning English language.
List of Faculty Members

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No Name Degree Rank Experience
1 Daw Khin May Lwin M.E.S.P Assistant Lecturer (2005-2016)
2 Daw May Ei Ei Phyo M.E.S.P Assistant Lecturer (2005-2016)
3 Daw Htar Htar Lwin M.E.S.P Demostrator (2005-2016)
4 Daw Nan Nan Nwe BA(Eng), D.E.S.P Demostrator (2005-2016)
5 Daw Nyein Hsu Naing BA(Eng), D.E.S.P Demostrator (2008-2016)
6 Daw Khin Pye Sone MA (Eng) Demostrator ————–
7 Daw Tin Moe Win MA(Eng) Demostrator (2009-2016)
8 Daw Nilar Aung MA(Eng) Demostrator (2013-2016)
9 Daw Kay Khaing Thu MA(Eng) Demostrator (2013-2016)
10 Daw Nway Oo Mon MA(Eng) Demostrator (2010-2016)
11 Daw Zar Chi Phyo BA(Eng) Demostrator (2009-2016)

Current Activities of English Department
Debate and English Essay Competitions are always celebrated every year. Many students are eager to participate in these competitions. After competitions, the outstanding students are awarded well. Sometimes, the students have to discuss about a topic with the teachers and have to share their ideas and knowledge with one another. By these ways, the students’ fluency, accuracy and confidence are increased more and more.
Contact Information
Departmental Address: At the South of the Student Affair Office of Technological University, Thi La Wa (1) Quarter, Yamethin, Mandalay Division, Myanmar
Departmental Email Address: English.ymt@gmail.com
Phone: +959773052208